S1 pupils visit Butterfly World

img_1688r img_1699r img_1718r img_1754r img_5627r img_9297rS1 Art and Design pupils were given the opportunity to visit Butterfly World just before the October break. This allowed the pupils to contextualise the learning that has taken place in the classroom since August, as the theme of our project was ‘Reptiles’. They freely explored the rainforest area, handled a number of different insects and reptiles and finally they were given the opportunity to do some observational drawing of their favourite species. Based on the feedback gathered from pupils, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy this experience and it was clear that this trip helped to enrich their learning as well as enhance their understanding of reptiles as a whole. Butterfly World staff and the photographs may suggest that the teachers seemed to enjoy it just as much as the pupils…

S1 STEM Challenge

S1 pupils  had a great day building towers, parachutes and wind turbines and they really did us proud with the effort and enthusiasm they put in. Feedback from the professionals running the workshops was that “our kids were great!”

Take a look at the slideshow: stem-oct2016


S1 pupils have an opportunity to extend their learning at home as well as add vital points to their House total.

The home learning challenge can be found on our website. From the homepage, click on the homework tab or click the logo below:

S1 Home Learning Challenge

S1 Home Learning Challenge


You choose which activities to complete.

You can get any resources you might need from your class teacher or use your own if it suits you. Some are available on the S1 Challenge page of the website.

As you complete each activity, ask your class teacher to sign and date it.

Complete a row diagonally, horizontally or vertically to get 10 House Points.

Earn 50 House Points if you complete the whole grid for the Faculty – so there are hundreds of House Points up for grabs!

Hand in your current signed sheets to Mr Duncan by 31st October for the House Points to be awarded.


Letter about our pupils from a fellow passenger on a flight back from Barcelona

Dear Mrs Dobson,

First of all I’d like to apologise for taking so long to send this email as the occasion I’m about to refer to happened a couple of months ago now but let me explain.

My family and I were returning to Edinburgh from Barcelona at the beginning of the summer holidays on a RyanAir flight which had been delayed for around an hour for boarding and (to our horror) a further 3 hours once we were all boarded and the doors were locked. This is never welcome news and my 3 year old daughter didn’t cope particularly well which resulted in her bumping her head and tears ensued. It was at this point that a pupil from (one of a group who were celebrating a successful performance of Hairspray – I think)

Dalkeith High School stepped forward to offer her cuddly toy dog to my very upset daughter. This act of kindness saw my daughter not only calm down but actually sleep for most of the delay such was her delight and resultant comfort. For this act alone I can’t thank this pupil enough, it was a truly selfless gesture which made a little girl (and her parents) very happy and sets the young lady in question out for particular commendation. We didn’t catch her name but she and her friends will know who she is and I hope our gratitude can be relayed to her.

That’s the main part but a special mention is deserved for all the young adults in the group and their teacher. Those are tough circumstances for any traveller and there were several ‘adults’ on the flight that dealt with the situation poorly while every pupil from Dalkeith High was polite, well-behaved, courteous and considerate from start to finish and I can’t tell you how impressed we were. The teacher in charge was also notable for her calm yet firm approach in ensuring her charges comfort and safety whilst this was all going on.

As I say it was a while ago so I apologise for the delay in contacting you but young people are too often misrepresented these days and I couldn’t let this pass without comment.

All the children and staff were top-notch and an absolute credit to the school, I wish them all the very best for what I’m sure will be a bright future!