Daily Bulletin Tuesday 19 June 2018

Home Ec Highland Show Trip

There will be a short meeting for anyone attending this trip with Home Ec today at break time in F2.14.

Attendance is compulsory.

Mrs Garlick

Wimbledon Summer 2019

Anyone interested in going to Wimbledon in Summer 2019 should attend a meeting in Mr Hamilton’s room (G218) today at break.

Mr Hamilton

Bake Sale

Pupils will be running a bake sale on Thursday 21 June at break to raise money for next years History Club.

Miss McIntyre

S6 Yass Students

There will be a meeting P3 in Room G2.21 on Wednesday. All YASS students should report directly to the room at this time.  Anyone who is unable to attend this meeting should see Miss Bones as soon as possible.

Miss Bones