Pupil Voice 2018/19

Dalkeith High Schools Pupil Voice has gone from strength to strength this year with increased involvement from pupils in S2 (Sophie Binns, Mia Linn, Eve Sneddon and Lara Stewart) and S5 (Liam Bielski, Catriona Nelson, Elle Wright and Yasmine Yorke).  The team is extremely hardworking and eager to make positive impact and change across the school.

Education Scotland has recently produced a resource called ‘How Good is OUR School’ (which we refer to in Dalkeith High School as ‘weeHIGIOS’) to help support learner participation in self evaluation and school improvement.  Staff at Dalkeith High School aim to promote and encourage opportunities that give our young people a stronger voice on matters that affect their lives and learning.  As a result, Pupil Voice representatives have started to use ‘HGIOS’ to help evaluate their School and identify areas for improvement.

Pupil Voice representatives have continued to lead a range of meetings to gain the views and opinions from across the school.  They agreed to focus on Theme 2 within the HGIOS document “Our Learning and Teaching” as they felt it was important to reflect upon and get wider responses on the curriculum, learning experiences, reporting and feedback.  The team all agreed there is a lot of areas which are already very good in the school however they felt there are also aspects which could be developed and further improved.  When the team were planning their recent Pupil Voice meeting, they decided to use the questions in the HGIOS booklet as a starting point to help get honest feedback from other learners.

Information and responses collected at Pupil Voice meetings are always shared and discussed  with the Senior Leadership Team.  Representatives attended the meetings where next steps are discussed and considered.  Feedback is further communicated and shared with the wider staff at meetings and is often used to inform staff training sessions.

Pupil Voice has identified further steps to develop purposeful Learning experiences across the school.  Members will be carrying out Learning Walks alongside the Senior Leadership Team to observe learning across the school.  They also want to carryout department and whole school evaluations where they look at wall displays, digital resources, outdoor facilities and the layout of classrooms.  Evaluations will help them collect additional information which they will use to make further improvements to help shape the future of their school.

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