Mental Health Week – Pupil Feedback 2019

Mental Health Week – Pupil Feedback 2019

I learned –

  • how to meditate and how this can help me relax
  • you should talk to someone
  • how to control my breathing and use it to calm me down
  • anxiety is a natural emotion
  • meditation and mindfulness is relaxing
  • it’s okay to be scared
  • there is always someone there to help
  • Listening to meditation/ mindfulness at night to help me relax and sleep well
  • Social media can damage your mental health but can also help by downloading apps to help with mindfulness and also following inspirational people on Instagram.
  • I should probably delete Snapchat
  • I learnt how to deal with an anxiety attack
  • How to focus on the positive things in life
  • I can’t concentrate well while meditating
  • I find it hard to switch off
  • A lot about mental health
  • How to deal with anxiety, I’m not scared any more
  • To stay clam
  • Everyone will get anxiety at some point
  • If you have anxiety you should come forward about it
  • Mental health is common
  • About other peoples anxieties
  • At different stages in your life it is normal to be anxious about different things
  • How common anxiety is


I Liked –

  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • The wall of positive comments
  • Loved how music was played in the dinner hall on Monday because everyone seemed happier
  • I liked when they handed out sweets everyone was so happy and it made them talk
  • Learning about anxiety and how common it is
  • I liked how happy everyone was this week bubbles/meditation
  • Learning about anxiety and things you can do to help
  • Relaxing
  • I enjoyed all the things that happened at lunch/ everyone was very nice
  • Leaning about mental health conditions and the number of people suffering surprised me
  • I liked falling asleep during meditation
  • I liked the bubbles they made everyone laugh and smile
  • Listening to the woman’s calm voice during meditation
  • I liked the encouragement of talking about your problems
  • I liked the soft sound of the woman’s voice
  • The friendliness of the mental health ambassadors
  • I liked that the class went totally silent when meditating
  • I just liked talking about mental health, it’s a good thing to do
  • I liked that it has just been a relaxing week


I will try –

  • To be more open about how I am feeling
  • Meditating more often
  • I will try meditating in my own time.
  • Using my phone less
  • Choose meditation track with less talking
  • to learn more about different types of mental health


I disliked –

  • Meditation as I found it too hard
  • Meditation tracks with too much talking