Celebrating Achievement – Lisa Ferguson

Congratulations to Lisa Ferguson, 3D1, who has has an amazing summer at her Highland Dancing competitions.

In July she was 5th overall in the All England Championship and 3rd in the All England Premiership.

In August she was overall National winner at the International Festival and 3rd overall at the East of Scotland Championship which made Lisa eligible to represent Lothian region in Oban next year.
Lisa was also 6th in the British Championship and 3rd in British Nationals.

After returning to school for a week, Lisa attended the 125th World Championship in Dunoon where she won a gold medal for a dance called the Seann Truibhas. She also received another two medals in other dances which contributed to her getting 4th overall in the Scottish Nationals championship.

Wow Lisa, what an amazing summer indeed! #DeterminedHappySuccessful