Update from the Headteacher – Expectations for Home Learning

Dear Parent/Carer,
I hope all is well with everyone in your household.
I have received one or two emails from parents/carers asking me to clarify expectations for home learning.  I would like to take the opportunity to do so today as we settle into the second week of pupils remaining at home.
I appreciate some of the constraints that families will be working under at this time. Some parents/carers working at home will be juggling the demands of their professional lives with the need to support young people in their learning.  Some families have more than one child in the family and parents/carers will need to divide their time between all.  Not all families will have immediate access to technology/software required to complete the tasks that have been set.
The mental wellbeing of our young people is paramount at this time of great uncertainty.  We must balance the need to support them to progress in their learning with arguably the greater need to keep them well, mentally as well as physically.
The normal school day cannot be replicated exactly at home but I have set out guidelines below that I hope will be of help:
  • As a general guideline, pupils should spend roughly the same amount of time per week on subjects that they would normally be spending in school
  • Pupils will not be expected to complete work over the Easter holiday; however, pupil may still want to continue with some tasks that they enjoy to give them something to focus on
  • Staff will not ask for any tasks to be sent to them over the Easter break and will not be expecting pupils to contact them at this time
  • Pupils who are unwell are not expected to complete work that has been set, nor are they expected to catch up with work that they may have ‘missed’
  • Learning tasks should be balanced with the need for time to relax
  • It is important that all take the opportunity for daily exercise outdoors if they can
I do hope that the above is helpful to you.  I think we need to take a sensible approach to managing the workload of all.
With very best wishes,
Allyson Dobson