Message from the Headteacher – Nature & Purpose of Learning in Term 4

Dear Parent/Carer,
I hope that you and all in the family are well and that our young people have settled back into the new term as best they can.
You may have heard in yesterday’s briefing from Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, that guidance has been produced by the government on the nature and purpose of learning during Term 4 while schools remain closed.  I have attached this guidance for your consideration supporting-pupils-parents-teachers-learning-during-term-4 but have summarised the main messages below:
  • There is a clear understanding on the part of the government that schools are closed but learning continues
  • There is no expectation that school can be replicated at home
  • The wellbeing of our young people is paramount
  • Learning activities set by schools should be ambitious but realistic
  • The key goal in Term 4 is to maintain engagement in learning
  • Digital platform, such as Show My Homework, will be main vehicle by which schools will share the learning with pupils
This advice very much resonates with the approach that we have taken as a school throughout the period of school closure.
Following a virtual meeting with our Extended Leadership Team this morning, I would like to add to the guidance that we have already shared with you:
  • Our school will make tasks available to allow pupils to progress in their learning throughout Term 4; this includes pupils moving from S3 into the senior phase and those moving from one stage to another in the senior phase e.g. from National 5 to Higher
  • New learning will shared with pupils in both the Broad General Education (BGE) and in the senior phase
  • Teachers will allow time for the consolidation of new learning that takes place during Term 4 on our return to school
  • Pupils who have indicated that they would like to study courses at Advanced Higher level, and have been recommended to do so, will be provided with learning activities at this level.  However, I do need to remind you that final decisions regarding the viability of Advanced Higher classes run by our school in the new session have yet to be taken.  We would always look to work with other local schools to support us if we are unable to run certain Advanced Higher classes
  • We will be working on plans to ‘stagger’ deadlines for the submission of work to different department to help to address concerns regarding deadlines being set for the same day in the week/date; more information will follow regarding this
I do hope that this information helps you to understand the rationale behind the learning activities that will be shared with our pupils in the weeks ahead.
Kind regards,
Allyson Dobson