SQA Update

SQA Update
Arrangements for quality assurance and the certification of National Courses and Awards
I write to you with regards to the latest information from the SQA regarding the certification of National Courses and Awards.   The key points from the statement given by the Chief Examiner last week are noted below:
1.         Schools have been asked to provide an estimate of the grade and band for all learners entered for N5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses by 29 May 2020. 
2.         The SQA will provide schools with more detailed guidance on how to determine and submit estimate grades by 20 April 2020. 
3.         The SQA will not mark any coursework which has been submitted or is awaiting uplift for N5, Higher or Advanced Higher.   In addition to this, schools will not submit marks for coursework which has already been internally assessed.  
4.          N3/4 Qualifications – schools will assess all units and submit a pass/fail result by 22 May 2020. 
5.         Schools must retain all assessment evidence until December 2020.
Teachers will be taking account of a wide range of assessment evidence when deciding on the estimate grades to be submitted to SQA, including pupils’ work throughout the year as well as prelim results.  Attainment data which shows improvement between the prelims in December  and the end of the course in May will also be considered.    SQA will apply quality assurance procedures and adjust estimates where necessary to ensure consistency both across the country and in comparison to previous years.  It is important that parents/carers appreciate that the SQA is the awarding body with responsibility for the awarding of grades and certification.  Information regarding the estimates submitted to SQA will not be released by the school.
I know that this is an anxious time for you, as parents/carers, and for our young people.  However, rest assured that we know our young people very well and will work through all of the advice provided by the SQA to ensure that their achievements are rightly and fairly recognised. 
Kind regards,
Allyson Dobson