Update from the Headteacher – Friday 24 April 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we reach the end of the first week of term I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting your young person’s learning as you have been throughout this week and prior to the Easter break.  I hope that the guidance that we have issued will help our pupils to better manage their workload and sets the tone for the weeks ahead.


In addition to the online materials that are issued by staff, I can now offer additional resources to those who might need them.  Both the PE and the Music department are able to make available equipment that could be used to further enhance the learning experience at home.  Messages from each of the departments can be seen below.  Please respond by email if you would like to take advantage of this offer, stating your young person’s name and the item they would like to borrow.  When we have collated the information we will then turn our attention to working out the logistics for distribution of the items.


Music Department

For those who are continuing with music into the senior phase, we are aware that access to instruments may pose a potential barrier to some of our pupils. The Music Department would like to offer the opportunity for S3-S5 pupils who are continuing with music next year to borrow an instrument, providing this instrument is then returned when schools re-open.

We can provide pupils with small xylophones/glockenspiels and beaters, keyboards and guitars. For Higher and Advanced Higher pupils we may also be able to offer a bass guitar. Please note that the number of instruments available is limited therefore we will do our best to accommodate all requests.

In addition, if your son/daughter has left their own personal instrument in school, special arrangement could also be made to reunite your child with their instrument.



In order to facilitate additional learning experiences and continue to develop your child’s physical fitness and competencies, the school is able to supply additional PE based equipment.  Families should consider this option if they do not have sports based resources at home.  Items  offered can be used for both indoor and outdoor use and provide versatile options for engagement.  It is vital that ‘play’ is an active part of any young person’s day, particularly during these challenging times.  Please note a limited number of items are available and families should specify their preferred item from the following list:

Forza Garden Football – Size 4, ideal for families with access to outdoor space

Table Tennis Bat and Ball Set – To enhance hand/eye coordination, rhythm and timing and creative play.

Fitness/ Exercise Mat – Perfect for indoor/ outdoor circuits, Yoga or Pilates

Tennis Ball/ Shuttlecocks – Perfect for indoor creative games and to develop hand/eye coordination


I would also like to remind you that families can request to borrow a Chromebook to allow access to learning and I have given you the link to follow that I shared with you a couple of weeks ago.  There is a restriction of one device per family.


Please also let us know if there are any further issues with the regards to the supply of stationery.  We can arrange for supplies to be replenished or can deliver packs to families who have not as yet requested them.

I hope that you enjoy a restful weekend and can enjoy the sunshine, albeit for a much shortened period of the day than we would like.

With very best wishes,

Allyson Dobson