Update from the Headteacher – Wednesday 13 May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

I would like to update you on arrangements for sharing preparatory learning activities for the new session.

Currently arrangements are in place through Show My Homework that allow pupils in all year groups to continue their learning for this session. Subject teachers are also able to send preparatory work for next session to pupils currently studying within their department. However, it has been more difficult for teachers to target pupils who will be new to departments and subjects in Session 2020-21. For example, a pupil may have opted to do a ‘crash’ National 5 or Higher in a subject that they are not studying in the current session.

In order to reach this particular group of young people and ensure that all in the senior phase can use this extra time in May to their advantage, preparatory work will be posted through the Noticeboard facility on Show My Homework for those pupils who will be new to departments in the coming session. Attached is an explanation of how to access this learning. Please note that departments will post work as soon as possible but not before Thursday 14 May and it could be a few days after this date in some cases.

Accessing Preparatory Work – SMH

There is no change for young people who are already in communication with a teacher in relation to work for a new course or level. This is an additional method of sharing work for pupils new to a particular subject.

It is important at this point to stress that due to the closure of schools the allocation of pupils to courses is not yet complete. Courses can be over-subscribed and, indeed, lacking in numbers and, therefore, not viable. Learning communication with teachers should not be read as confirmation of a place on a course. Information about the viability of courses will be shared with families as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Allyson Dobson