Update from the Headteacher – Monday 25 May 2020

Dear Parent/Carers,

I hope that everyone in the family enjoyed the weekend.

As you will be aware, in normal circumstances we would be issuing pupils with a copy of their new timetable this week in preparation for the start of June.  Due to school closures, arrangements have to be different this year.

Staff will be issued with lists of pupils in their 20-21 sets and new virtual classes will be created in Show My Homework.  Teachers will then contact pupils in their new classes with learning activities for the start of the new virtual timetable.  An indication of the approximate amount of time that pupils should spend on subjects in the new virtual timetable will be given by teachers.

Throughout the course of this week and next, pupils entering S3 to S6 will receive email notification of the subjects to which they have been assigned.  Numbers for a few courses await finalisation so if a subject is missing, clarification will arrive shortly.

Pupils entering S2 will be similarly contacted by subject teachers through Show My Homework.

I am sure that the revised arrangements will allow learning to continue and progress.

Kind regards,

Allyson Dobson