Update from Depute Headteacher re Supported Study

Dear Parent/Carer,

We appreciate that Supported Study plays an important role in your young person’s learning at DHS and we are continuing to explore ways in which we can provide them with opportunities to enhance their learning out with school hours. E-Sgoil is part of the education system in the Western Isles and Education Scotland have provided them with significant funding to ensure that young people across that area have access to high quality learning and teaching online. They have deployed GTCS registered teachers and are using current technology to deliver real-time, interactive lessons to pupils throughout Scotland following lockdown. It’s a great opportunity for pupils, Senior Phase in particular, to take advantage of these rich learning opportunities and these live webinars take place on Monday to Thursday between 5pm and 8pm. They are approximately 45 minutes long and cover a wide range of subjects (please see attached leaflet).

Download: e-sgoilleaflet_Final

Pupils can access this resource through Glow and then sign up via Microsoft Teams. Teachers will continue to promote the webinar lessons to their classes and we are currently exploring other options to allow us to continue to provide high quality supported study online.

During the recent Parent Council meeting we discussed at-home learning in length and it was a good opportunity to remind parents/carers that our school website has a rich library of learning resources for young people to access if they are unable to attend school. The quality of the school website was commended in our recent HMIe inspection and it’s an invaluable tool which we continue to develop to ensure that our young people have high quality learning available both in and out of school.


Thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

Shaun Gordon

Depute Headteacher