Winter PE at Dalkeith High School – Update 8 October 2020

PE at Dalkeith High School – October 2020

The PE department continues to follow educational guidance regarding physical activity.  In order to ensure the safety of all classes, PE lessons will continue outside.  A suggested kit list is shown below.  This will ensure that all students stay warm, dry and are able to enjoy their PE experience.

Waterproof jacket

Warm jumper/ fleece

Hat/ Gloves

Appropriate footwear

A range of outdoor learning activities have taken place so far and the dept will continue to adapt their learning activities based on Covid guidance.  Please note that as we move into the colder weather, student wellbeing is key.  On extremely wet weather days, alternative classroom learning will take place.

If there are financial concerns regarding the cost of purchasing winter PE kit, please contact your child’s pupil support leader.