Update from the Headteacher – Thursday 1 April 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we reach the end of a very unusual term, I would like to reflect on our experiences as a school community.  Little did we know when we broke for the Christmas holidays that we would still be following a blended learning model at this point in the school session.  The efforts of all in our school community have been commendable: the staff who have successfully juggled online learning with in-school learning, whilst maintaining the highest professional standards; our pupils who have shown great resilience throughout an ever-changing and, at times, unsettling situation; and our families who trust us to do our very best for our young people.

I know that we may face further challenges on our return to school as we continue to chart our way through the remainder of the session, but I am confident that we will face those challenges with our usual determination and positivity.  We have come so far on our journey and we will complete the journey together as a strong school community.

School will reopen on Tuesday, 20th April and we anticipate that this will be a return to full-time, in-school learning for all.  This will be confirmed by the Scottish Government on Tuesday, 6th April.  I will contact you during the holiday period if there are any changes to arrangements that you need to know about.  The updated risk assessment will be sent out by email by Mr Knight to inform you of the risk mitigation factors that will be in place.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you a very relaxing break.

With very best wishes,

Allyson Dobson