You Can Be A Doctor – for young people considering a career in medicine

You Can Be A Doctor will be delivering a series of activities in the next couple of months to support young people considering a career in medicine.  DYW have just been made aware of these and as you can see some of the dates are quite soon.

Meet the Medics: med school online interactive session for pupils at Scottish state schools

Find out what it’s like to work as a doctor and have your questions answered face to face! In this session we will give you the opportunity to speak to doctors from different specialties both in and outside the hospital. You will be split into small groups, providing an excellent chance to ask any burning questions or just hear what our volunteer doctors have to say! Sign up at

Personal statement checks for pupils at Scottish state schools
Open now!

Not sure how to make your personal statement relevant to medicine? We have a team of doctors and medical students ready to read yours over and  provide advice. Just email your statement to The earlier you send it to us the more likely you are to get it back in time!

Mock medical school interviews for pupils at Scottish state schools
13-14/11/21, 20-21/11/21, 23/11/21 and 25/11/21

Medical school interviews are unlike anything else! If you’re applying to medicine come along to experience a realistic interview with feedback provided by volunteer doctors and medical students to help give you the best possible preparation for the real thing, completely free of charge. We will do our best to accommodate your chosen dates but availability is subject to demand.
Sign up at

If you would like any further information let me know.


Lee Bernard

Developing the Young Workforce Coordinator