Apprenticeship Opportunities with the Bell Group.

Please see below apprentice opportunities with the Bell Group.

Bell Group are now officially launching their Painter & Decorator apprentice recruitment process in Scotland. They currently have at least one opportunity in the Edinburgh branch, among others.

Interested candidates should be aware that they would not be based in a branch or in this area on a daily basis and would work in and around those areas depending on where the team are working on a given week. Apprentices would be asked to make their way to and from the local branch at various points (details of which can be found within our website under ‘branch network’) and / or attend an agreed meeting point. Its important that applicants understand that they will be expected to attend their local branch at times so they must be willing to do this.

Furthermore, please find attached details of their apprentice training and the location and travel expectations for this.

All interested applicants should register for the open event via Eventbrite:

Date and time

Fri, January 21, 2022

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

During the Evenbrite session, Bell will provide details of the recruitment process and the time for candidates to ask questions around the apprenticeship, training and recruitment process.

Any questions just let me know.


Lee Bernard

Developing the Young Workforce Coordinator