S2 into S3 Coursing Information

S2 into S3 Coursing Information Event

Parents and carers now have access to the S2 Coursing Information Event. Short videos and presentations have been provided which we hope will help support S2 pupils with the coursing decisions that they are going to have to make over the next few weeks.

A reminder of key dates for coursing have been included below:

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Access the S2 into S3 Coursing Event here

S2 into S3 Course Choice Booklet:S2 to S3 Option Booklet

S2 to S3 Option Form (Please do not email a return. Completed option forms will be collected during period 3 on Thursday 8 December)

Explanation of N5 Maths and N5 Applications Maths – https://youtu.be/3vgllbv0Tuc

Maths Progression Table

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