Biology Department


Ms K. Mackay (CL)
Mr C. Craig (Biology)
Mrs C. Kellagher (Biology)
Ms K. Maitland (Biology)
Ms M. Macpherson (Biology)
Ms R. Miller (Biology)


Advanced Higher – the course consists of 3 taught units and a research investigation. The content covered includes cells and proteins, organisms and evolution and investigative biology.

Higher – the course includes 3 taught units. These are DNA and the genome, metabolism and survival and sustainability and interdependence. Pupils must pass an internal unit assessment for each of the units and complete a practical assessment. 20% of the final grade is awarded from a research assignment, which is externally marked.

Higher Human –  the course includes 4 taught units. These are human cells, physiology and health, neurobiology and communication and public health. 20% of the final grade is awarded from a research investigation, which is externally marked.

National 3/4/5 – the courses have 3 taught units and a research assignment. The courses covers cell biology, multicellular organisms and life on earth.

S3 – the S3 course provides a valuable introduction to the knowledge and skills required in Biology. Pupils will study cell structure, movement of molecules across membranes, enzymes, DNA, respiration, photosynthesis, reproduction and the brain.