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BBC N4 Biology:
N4 Biology eTextbook:
BBC N5 Biology:
Oronsay Biology:
N5 Biology eTextbook:
SQA Past Papers at all levels:

Homework, Learning Outcomes and Revision Notes:


S3 Biology Homework

S3 Biology Learning Outcomes

S3 Biology Revision Notes
S3 Biology Summary Notes – Unit 1

National 3

National 3 Biology Homework

National 3 Biology Learning Outcomes
N3 Cell Biology Learning outcomes

National 3 Biology Revision Notes
N3 Cell Biology
N3 Multicellular Organisms
N3 Life on Earth

National 4

National 4 Biology Homework

Cell-Division Homework
GM Homework
Photosynthesis Homework
Respiration Homework

National 4 Biology Learning Outcomes

Cell Biology
Life on Earth
Multicellular Organisms

National 4 Biology Revision Notes

Unit 1 Summary notes
Cell Biology Summary Notes
Multicellular Organisms Summary Notes
Life On Earth Summary Notes

National 5

National 5 Biology Homework

Cell Biology (Unit 1)

Cell structure and membranes homework
Mitosis Homework
Producing new cells and DNA
Enzymes homework
DNA and Genetic Engineering
Respiration Homework
Photosynthesis Homework

Multicellular Organisms (Unit 2)

Stem Cells and Meristems
Control and Communication (Task 1)
Control and Communication (Task 2)
Reproduction (Task 1)
Reproduction (Task 2)
Variation and Inheritance (Task 1)
Variation and Inheritance (Task 2)
The Need for Transport (Task 1)
The Need for Transport (Task 2)
The Need for Transport (Task 3)

Exam Revision Questions

N5 Cell Biology Exam Questions
N5 Cell Biology Exam Questions (2)
N5 Life on Earth Exam Questions
N5 Multicellular Exam Questions

National 5 Biology Learning Outcomes
Cell Biology
Life on Earth
Multicellular Organisms

National 5 Biology Revision Notes
Proteins and Enzymes
Variation and Inheritance
Adaptation, Natural selection and Evolution


Higher Biology Homework
Higher Biology Learning Outcomes
Higher Biology Revision Notes

Higher Human Biology

Higher Human Biology Homework
Higher Human Biology HW 1
Higher Human Biology HW 2
Higher Human Biology HW 3
Higher Human Biology HW 4
Higher Human Biology HW 5 (part 1)
Higher Human Biology HW 5 (part 2)

Unit 3 Homework

Past Paper Questions – by unit
HH-Unit-3 PPQs

Higher Human Biology Learning Outcomes
Unit 1 learning outcomes
Unit 2 learning outcomes
Unit 3 learning outcomes
Unit 4 learning outcomes

Higher Human Biology Revision Notes
Reproduction Summary Notes
Cardiovascular System Summary Notes

Adv. Higher

Advanced Higher Biology Homework
AH Bio HW 1
AH Bio HW 2
AH Bio HW 3
AH Bio HW 4
Advanced Higher Biology Learning Outcomes
AH Unit 1 Learning Intentions 
Advanced Higher Biology Revision Notes