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Social Studies Faculty: Mr H Duncan (CL)

Business Education Department
Mr H Duncan (CL)

Mr C Hamilton
Ms C Zhang
Ms E Adam


BGE Business Education (Faculty of Social Subjects)
By the end of S3 pupils will have covered the following:
(Both Business Management and Administration and IT are covered in S3.)

Human Resources

Administration and IT

Administrative practices: skills and qualities of the Administration assistants; Health and Safety in the workplace; safety and security in the workplace; customer service, events management.

IT skills: Word processing, desk-top publishing; databases; spreadsheets; IT communication skills; email; e-diaries, internet, PowerPoint.


Business Management (Faculty of Social Subjects)

National 3 & 4
The National 3 Business Course develops learners’ basic understanding of the way in which small businesses operate and encourages enterprising attitudes.

The National 4 Business Course develops learners’ understanding of the way in which businesses operate in the current dynamic and competitive economic environment, and encourages enterprising attitudes.

National 5
The National 5 Business Management Course is designed to enable learners to develop:

  • knowledge and understanding of the ways in which society relies on business to satisfy our needs
  • an insight into the systems organisations use to ensure customers’ needs are met
  • enterprising skills and attributes by providing them with opportunities to explore realistic business situations
  • financial awareness through a business context
  • an awareness of how marketing activities can lead to business success
  • an understanding of the importance of employees to business success

This course will enable students to assess the activities of businesses, particularly with respect to the main functional areas which categorise the operation of all businesses. The course promotes the development of problem solving and decision making skills within a business framework.  The course is suitable for students who wish to extend and develop previous study.  It is also appropriate as a starting point for those who wish to pursue a business-related career.

Advanced Higher
This course prepares learners to play an active part in Scotland’s vibrant and innovative business culture by equipping them with an understanding of the national and global nature of business.