First Few Days

When you start at Dalkeith High School there will be supports in place to help you settle in.

You will line up outside at the beginning of the day, before Period 4 and before Period 6 and senior pupils will take you to your classes.

Senior pupils will take you from class to class so that you can get used to the layout of the school and the one way system.

You will get an early lunch time for the first few weeks so that you can get used to using your new number and get to know what meals are on offer.

What to Bring with you

  • School bag
  • PE kit
  • Pens, pencils, ruler, rubber
  • Packed lunch if you want to and a snack for break


Mobile Phone Rules

The school has a “bag it or box it” policy on the use of mobile phones in class. If you have your phone out in class (without permission) you will be asked to put your phone in your bag, or put it into the box on the teacher’s desk until the end of the lesson.