Humanities Faculty – History


Ms N Riddell (Mon, Tue, Wed 0.66 CL)
Mr R McGlade (Thu, Fri 0.33 CL)
Mr D Holligan
Mr S Wilson

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History Courses:

Advanced Higher
– Britain: At War and Peace, 1938-1957

– Migration and Empire, 1830-1939
– Britain, 1851-1951
– USA, 1918-1968

National 3/4/5
– Era of the Great War, 1914-1928
– The Atlantic Slave Trade, 1778-1807
– Hitler and Nazi Germany, 1919-1939

BGE Courses
– Scottish Wars of Independence
– Historic Edinburgh
– The Jacobites 1688-1746
– World War One
– The Cold War and the 1960’s
– Scotland’s Industrial Past

Higher Classics Courses:

– Life in Classical Greece
– Classical Literature
– Life in the Roman World

Brief Statement

In addition to the School Aims as described in the school handbook, the Humanities department is striving to achieve the following aims:-

  • To maximise pupil achievement and attainment in Humanities by:
    • developing positive pupil/teacher relationships
    • developing pupils’ interest in and enjoyment of History and RMPS
    • active learning embedded in every lesson
    • providing a positive learning environment
    • providing a visually stimulating environment through classroom displays
  • To enable all pupils to obtain qualifications appropriate to their abilities and ensure that every pupil leaves school with a qualification in History and RMPS.
  • To establish knowledge and skills useful out with the school environment and applicable to everyday life.
  • To provide a secure, harmonious and effective working environment for pupils and staff.
  • To support and nurture the development of the pupils and staff within the department.
  • To form positive and mutually supportive working relationships with other colleagues.