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National 3 Applications of Mathematics

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The Dalkeith High School Mathematics Department aims to maximise pupil achievement and attainment.  We aim to make pupils feel confident in their mathematical ability and strive for pupils to enjoy their maths lessons. In order to do this, we:

    • Provide a well structured curriculum, building on pupils’ previous knowledge and understanding
    • Foster positive pupil/teacher relationships
    • Develop pupils’ interest and enjoyment in class with varied teaching activities
    • Incorporate active learning, including: collaborative tasks, mini whiteboards, pupil discussions
    • Offer nationwide challenge and competition opportunities
    • Offer a variety of extra-curricular trips including Maths Camp
    • Provide stimulating environments through display.

Numeracy – How do we do Maths?

Please take time to read through our Numeracy Booklet to see how we do Maths! It’s really important you can do all of these skills to help you in every subject.

Not sure what a word means? Use this Maths Glossary to help you out! Once open press Ctrl+F to search for a specific word.