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RMPS is a subject which gives pupils the opportunity to examine their own beliefs, consider the views of others on a range of moral topics, and gain excellent analytical skills. In today’s society, understanding the beliefs of others is of the utmost importance. Within the RMPS department we also strive to give students a platform to formulate, discuss and explain their views on a wide number of issues. The department has two members of staff, Miss Millar and Mrs Thomson, and teaches from two classrooms, G113 and F304. All pupils have RMPS for one period a week from S1-S4, and it is a popular course choice with senior pupils, who can elect to study National 3,4 and 5, Higher and Advanced Higher in the subject.

S1: Pupils look different beliefs in Scotland , they look at creation stories and beliefs about Life after death. S2: Pupils Islam, Matters of life and death, and Religious Festivals. S3: Pupils take part in the YPI project. They also study capital punishment and morality. S4: Pupils study Euthansia and do a unit on Hinduism. National 3,4 and 5: Pupils study Judaism, Religion and Conflict and the Existence of God. National 5 (seniors): Pupils study Islam, Crime and Punishment and the Origins of Life . Higher: Pupils study Islam, Crime and Punishment and the Origins of Life. Advanced Higher: Pupils study Medical Ethics and the Philosophy of Religion. They also have to produce a dissertation as part of their course work.

S3 pupils are currently working on their YPI projects in class and the final is due to be held in February. The Advanced Higher class recently visited Dynamic Earth as part of their studies on Evolution and the Big Bang theory. The department has also had two very informative trips to the Edinburgh Mosque for the Higher class and for S2 pupils. There is also the departments annual visit to Samye Ling Buddhist Temple which is always a great success to look forward to in the coming weeks.