School Transport

Normal Arrangements

The Authority is responsible for the transport of all pupils who live more than two miles from the school.

Current Arrangements

Danderhall and Newton Village Duddingston Private Hire coaches
Cousland, Edgehead and Pathhead Edinburgh Group Travel coaches
Newbattle Abbey Crescent Edinburgh Group Travel coaches
Pupils living outwith the two mile radius Use Bus Pass
Notes – Buses leave from & deliver to the Campus bus bays.
– The Depute Headteacher supervises the buses.
– Replacement of bus passes will cost £10.00.
Exceptional Arrangements
Pupils for whom Dalkeith High School is not the district school
These pupils are not normally entitled to free transport. However, since St David’s High School’s catchment area incorporates the whole of Midlothian, it may be possible to share appropriate transport, but only if there are vacant seats on that particular bus.
Pupils attending their catchment school who move outwith the catchment areas
For such pupils transport responsibility remains with the parent/guardian unless they are at a critical stage of school, i.e. S3, S4, S5 or S6. S4, S5 and S6 pupils will only be provided with transport until the end of that current school year. S3 transport will run until the end of S4 or the legal school leaving age (16). This only applies within Midlothian boundaries.
If the Authority requires a pupil to attend a non-district school
Transport is provided as long as the distance qualification is met. Consideration may also be given to requests for assistance with travel in exceptional home circumstances, eg where the road between home and school is deemed dangerous by the authority, and where there is no public transport available.