Pupil Support at Dalkeith High School

Dalkeith High School is made up of four Houses: Buccleuch, Dalhousie, Lothian and Melville.

Each House has a House Head (Depute Head Teacher), a Pupil Support Leader and a Pupil Concern Welfare Officer.

The table below provides details of the appropriate members of staff for each House.


House Buccleuch Dalhousie Lothian Melville
House Head Mrs E O’Connell Mr C Knight Ms J Bones (all S1)
Mrs M Kelly (all L2)
Mr S Gordon
Pupil Support Leader Mr M Harris Mrs E Frame Mrs R Waterhouse Ms K McCole (acting)
Pupil Concern Welfare Officer Mrs J Zamal Mrs E McBride Mrs J Zamal Mrs E McBride


In addition to Pastoral Care, Personal and Social Education is planned and taught by the Pupil Support Leaders to ensure pupils learn about and can discuss matters such as healthy relationships, health, progress in learning, careers, education and citizenship.

Teenage years can be difficult for some young people and our Pupil Support staff play an important role in helping pupils who are experiencing challenges in their education or personal lives. During Parents’ Evenings there are opportunities for parents/carers to meet Pupil Support Leaders, however if you have concerns about your child’s progress or matters of a personal nature, you can contact the school to make an appointment with the relevant House Team.


Your child’s Pupil Support Leader is your first point of contact if you have any concerns you would like to discuss. They can be contacted on the telephone number below.

Telephone number
0131 654 4701

Our Vision Statement

Following an extensive period of consultation with pupils, staff and parents/carers, we have agreed our vision statement which will guide us as we move forward with further improvements to our school.

 Dalkeith High School: Enabling all young people to succeed in an inclusive, respectful and stimulating environment