BGE Awards Ceremony – Thursday 9th June at 7pm

The BGE Awards Ceremony will take place on Thursday 9th June at 7pm. The names of pupils who have been nominated for a prize will be displayed on the windows next to the ballerina on Friday 27th May. All those who have been nominated should report to the school for 6.30pm to register before the ceremony commences at 7pm. Pupils should wear school uniform to this event.
Parents and carers will also have an opportunity to explore an achievement village at the school entrance where pupils’ work from across the faculties will be on display. Fabulous outdoor learning and extra curricular activities that the school offers will also be on display. We very much look forward to welcoming pupils and their families back into the school in person to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our S1-S3 pupils.
Nicola Riddell

Acting Depute Headteacher