Top Achievers in History

31/08/17 – Well done to the ‘Clans’ involved in the Alexander III plays on Medieval Scotland! They did a very good job presenting the death of the Scottish King! Well done to Luke, Ewan, Darien and Callum.

04/09/17 – Well done to our top achievers from 16/17! Hard work pays off!

28/09/17 – Well done to Ailsa (1L1) for winning the Historical Hero award for her hard work and dedication to History.

28/09/17 – Well done to Cameron (1L2) and Callum (1L2) for winning the Historical Hero awards for their hard work and dedication across the term to History.

1/10/17 –  Well done to Millie and Georgia (2B1) for winning the competition for the Old Edinburgh Tour! Excellent effort girls!

13/10/17 – Well done to Nicole  and Emma who were lucky enough to be selected to represent DHS in the Lessons From Auschwitz programme.

2/11/17 – History club made amazing shields this week! What a great lunch!

15/11/17 – Well done to Max , Robika and Dionne for winning the Historical Hero awards for (1B2). Well done for your hard work and dedication this year to History

16/11/17 – Well done to Amy and Sophie on their achievements in History this year. They have been selected out of (1D1) to collect their Historical Hero awards. Well done girls.

10/01/18 – Well done to Aillie and Dean (1M1) for their efforts this term in History. Well done! You have both just won the Historical Hero award.

11/01/18 – Well done to Josh and Lois (1M2) for winning the Historical Hero awards of the unit. You have both worked incredibly hard in History this term. Well done.

8/02/18 – Massive applause to Jake for presenting to History club today on Dunkirk. Excellent work Jake (1B2). 

19/04/18 – Well done to Jay for his presentation on the Slender Man at History Club today. Massive well done for the effort put in. 

26/04/18 – Well done to Fraser for presenting at History Club today on ‘The History of Drag Culture’ – what an interesting presentation that involved a lot of effort and thanks for the club.


16/05/18 – Just wanted to say a massive thank you to senior classes that have been in History/Classics for 17/18. We are so proud of your achievements and we wish you well for your results in August.

25/05/18 – Well done to Clark Lennie and TJ Anderson for working exceptionally hard in History this year. You have both achieved the Historical Hero’s of your class. You have both shown great dedication since August, excellent homework and effort in class discussions. Well done boys! Also well done to Amy Forbes for winning the Historical Improvement Award for her efforts.

25/05/18 – Well done to the Historical Hero’s of s3: Maya Pearson and Elle Green. Also, well done to Robbie McCormack for winning the Historical Improvement Award for his hard work recently in History.

25/05/18  – Well done to Reece Howarth and Mia McLean for winning the Historical Hero awards for 2M1. Well done to you both.

28/05/18 – Well done to Luis Davidson and Kieron Glass for winning the Historical Hero awards for 2B1. You have both shown great dedication in History and have worked exceptionally hard all year.