Classes in S1

At Dalkeith High School you will be put into 2 classes:

Your Register Class

Your Practical Set

Your Register Class will start with a 1 – for first year, then the first letter of your House, then either a 1 or 2 depending on if there are I or 2 first year classes in your House.  There will be between 25 and 30 pupils in a Register Class

1B1 – is first year Buccleuch

1L1 – is first year Lothian class 1

1L2 – is first year Lothian class 2

The number of classes in each House is dependent on numbers of pupils in each House for the whole school.  This is so that the Pupil Support Leaders have similar numbers of pupils to look after.

Practical Sets have a 1 for first year and then a letter A-K.  These classes have a maximum of 20 pupils in them and are for practical classes like Home Economics, Science, CDT and Art.