History Club

As DHS is an inclusive school, any pupils from S1-S3 are welcome to attend our History club which is held in the History department at lunchtime once a week. We love having new members in the group so please come along and join us. We also encourage pupils to present on topics in front of the club in order to create more #DeterminedHappySuccessful learners.

What we have been up to in BGE History club…

Topics we have analysed so far…

– Witch Trials
– Historical Mysteries
– Titanic
– D-Day
– Dunkirk Miracle
– Life under the Nazis
– 1605 Gunpowder Plot
– Hieroglyphics
– Battle of Britain
– Mary Queen of Scots
– Pearl Harbour
– The Holocaust
– History of Draq Queens
– The Slender Man
– Jack the Ripper

Models we have made…

– WW2 Anderson Shelters
– 3D Bannockburn Battlefield
– Flaming Arrows
– Battle Shields

Activities we have been involved in…

– Battle Re-enactments
– (We are currently working on a Modern Titanic Play)