Physics Department


Ms K. Mackay (CL)
Mr A Dale (Physics)
Mrs E Lawson (Physics)


Advanced Higher – the course has three taught units and a research investigation. Material covered includes rotatational motion and astrophysics, electromagnetism and quanta and waves.

Higher – the course comprises of 4 taught units. These are Our Dynamic Universe, Electricity, Particles and Waves and researching physics. Pupils must complete internal unit assessments and a practical assessment. 20% of the final grade is awarded from an assignment, which is externally marked.

National 3/4/5 – the course has 3 taught units and an external research assignment. The course covers electricity and energy, dynamics and space and waves and radiation.

S3 – the course provides a valuable introduction into the content and skills required in Physics. Pupils are introduced to the theory of waves, radiation and dynamics.