Support for Learning – Transition

SFL Dept.

SFL Dept.


The transition process from Primary School to Dalkeith High School starts around P5 with a number of school visits either by DHS staff to the Primary school or the pupils coming to DHS for an event such as a Creativity Counts day.  This enables the primary pupils to start to become familiar with DHS staff and the campus.

Once the pupils are in P7 a planned transition programme is followed to make the transition from Primary school to Secondary school a smooth one.

Information is gathered from the Primary schools regarding pupils’ levels and support needs.  Each Primary school is visited by DHS staff to further discuss pupils with additional needs.

P7 camp is a highlight of the transition programme as pupils meet with their peer group in a challenging and fun environment.

Pupils have a 2 day visit in June when they follow their S1 timetable and start to meet their teachers and class mates.


Parent/Carer Involvement

Parents are invited to an open evening in November when the Head Teacher makes a presentation about DHS and what we have to offer and then parents and pupils can visit departments in the school and speak with teachers about courses and learning and teaching in DHS.

There is a Parents’ Meeting in June to give more information about starting at DHS in August and the P7 Induction days.


Starting in S1

When the new S1 start they are escorted from class to class for the first few days until they get used to the layout of the school.  They are released for an early lunch until the September break to allow them to get used to the dining hall and buying their lunch.

All S1 parents/carers are invited in to school around October/November to have a settling in interview with their child’s guidance teacher.