Eating Disorders in Children – Information for Parents & Carers

BEAT are offering (in conjunction in a project with NHS Lothian), Scotland wide, the useful phone based coaching support (for parents/carers, supported by parent experts by experience) called ECHO and email based support (for young people 12-25 with an eating disorder diagnosed or self identifying, supported by young adults now recovered from an eating disorder)  called SHARED. Here are links for signposting too.

Health and Wellbeing – Our Senses

Our Senses –

Our senses pick up information from the environment around us and from within our bodies, and send it to our brain and body. This Mini-clip explores how our senses react to the environment around us and create emotional responses. It also explains that our bodies and brains can re-learn how to make sense of the information around us via our senses to allow us to live happier and calmer lives.

Our Senses Video Clip

Health and Wellbeing – My Brain

My Brain –

This clip will help you to understand how the brain functions when it’s trying to work out how the body is feeling. It features Dr Dan Siegel’s “hand model” which is helpful in understanding what is happening inside the brain when responding to big feelings like anger or anxiety. You will learn to divide their brain into three parts – a thinking part, a feelings-memories part, and a safety-survival part – and learn strategies to calm their mind and body during intense times.

My Brain Video Link