Social Studies Faculty – Geography Department

Social Studies Faculty: Mr H Duncan (CL)

Geography & Modern Studies Department

Mr H Duncan (CL)
Mr S Cormack
Ms C McDougall
Ms C O’Brien

BGE Geography (Faculty of Social Subjects)

By the end of S3 pupils will have covered the following:

Fair Trade

Skills including research, numeracy, literacy, creating and presenting

National 3, 4 & 5

These courses will develop knowledge and understanding of the changing world and its human and physical processes.  Many opportunities for field work are offered so that learners can interact with their environment.


This course comprises four mandatory units:

Physical Environments
Human Environments
Global Issues
Added Value Unit

This unit provides rich opportunities for learners to choose from a range of possible titles.  The work will allow pupils to develop and consolidate research skills associated with secondary sources, such as library and internet skills.

A two day fieldtrip (at minimal cost to students) to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales provides an important enhancement to classroom work.

Advanced Higher

Completion of the overall course will provide students with a broader understanding of the world.  From a geographical perspective they will develop and use the skills of research, analysis and critical evaluation in a wide range of contexts.

The course comprises the following:

  • Geographical Skills

(Fieldwork techniques, statistics, mapping)

  • Geographical Studies

(Fieldwork project in local area)

  • Geographical Issues

(Critical thinking regarding a wide variety of topical geographical issues)