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2 Large Games Halls, Fitness Suite, Dance Studio, Swimming Pool, Astroturf, Athletics Track, Grass Pitches

Physical Education
The Scottish Government recognises the positive impact physical education can have on a pupil’s health, educational attainment and life chances.  It is essential that children and young people understand the benefits a healthier and active lifestyle can bring them later in life.

Physical Education provides learners with a platform from which they can build physical competences, improve aspects of fitness, and develop personal and interpersonal skills and attributes.  It enables learners to develop the concepts and skills necessary for participation in a wide range of physical activity, sport, dance and outdoor learning and enhances their physical wellbeing in preparation for leading a fulfilling, active and healthy lifestyle.

At Dalkeith High School we have excellent sporting facilities. We have 2 large games halls, 1 fitness suite, a dance room, swimming pool, astro playing surface and a full athletics track.

Physical Activity & Sport
In addition to planned physical education sessions, physical activity and sport take place in the classroom, in the school, during travel such as walking and cycling, in the outdoor environment and in the community. At DHS we strive to offer extra-curricular opportunities and engage with local clubs to improve awareness of opportunities for our youngsters.

Active Schools
The Active Schools programme contributes to the Curriculum for Excellence, sending out strong messages on physical activity and sport throughout the school and increasing links to the wider community.

We work closely with the PE Department to provide senior pupils with leadership opportunities at local events and schools and are also part of the Young Ambassadors Programme.  In addition to the extra-curricular activities we link with both Danderhall and Newbattle Community Sport Hubs to provide lifelong opportunity options for pupils.  The school holds a Silver Award from Sport Scotland’s national School Sport Award Programme which recognises attainment levels in both PE and Sport opportunities.  We aspire to achieve a Gold Award and we will be working towards this in conjunction with the School Sports Council.

Physical Education – What you need
Clothing is an important aspect of safe practice in all forms of physical activity. Pupils must bring a full change of kit for PE lessons and will be expected to participate both in and outdoors. At DHS we recommend the following items:

  • Footwear suitable for running both in and outdoors.
  • Shorts/ Leggings/ Tracksuit
  • T-shirt/Long sleeved Top
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Swimwear/ Goggles/ Towel

Pupils are not permitted to wear jeans/crop tops/ strappy vests. Inappropriate clothing will result in removal from the lesson.

Personal Belongings
Pupils have 5 minutes to change at the start/end of each lesson. Valuable items should be handed in to the teacher. Changing rooms will be locked to ensure personal belongings are kept safe.

Teaching staff are not responsible for items lost/stolen.

How you can help
Find out which days your child has PE. Ensure your child is prepared with appropriate clothing. Encourage your child to take part, try hard and persevere in more challenging tasks. Talk to your child about the importance of working together, showing respect and using positive communication.

If you are considering writing a note to excuse your child from PE because they are unwell or injured, please consider whether this is really necessary. We can adjust the lesson and include your child even if they are not 100% fit.

You can contribute to your child’s health and wellbeing by encouraging your child to be active out of school and finding out about clubs and after school activities both in the school and the local community.

Senior Phase
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