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Physics Dept.

Physics Dept.

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Homework, Learning Outcomes and Revision Notes:

S3 Physics Homework

S3 Physics Learning Outcomes
Waves and Sound
EM Spectrum
Nuclear Radiation

S3 Physics Summary Notes
S3 Physics Summary Notes – Unit 1

National 3 Physics Homework

National 3 Physics Learning Outcomes

National 3 Physics Summary Notes

National 4 Physics Homework

National 4 Physics Learning Outcomes

National 4 Physics Summary Notes
Waves and Radiation
Electricity and Energy
Dynamics and Space

National 5 Physics Homework
Dynamics and Space Problem Booklet
Electricity and Energy Problem Booklet

National 5 Physics Learning Outcomes
National 5 Physics Learning Outcomes Waves
National 5 Physics Learning Outcomes EnE

National 5 Physics Summary Notes
Waves & Radiation 
Electricity & Energy 
Dynamics & Space 

Higher Physics Homework
Unit 1 Our Dynamic Universe:
Exercise 1 Scalar and Vector
Exercise 2 Equations of Motion
Exercise 3 Forces and Energy
Exercise 4 Momentum and Impulse
Exercise 5 Gravitaion and Special Relativity
Exercise 6 The Expanding Universe

Higher Physics Learning Outcomes
Unit 1 Our Dynamic Universe:
CfE Higher Physics Unit 1

Higher Physics Summary Notes
Unit 1 Our Dynamic Universe:
Unit 1 ODU Summary Notes

Higher Physics Homework
Unit 2 Electricity
Exercise 7 AC, Current , Voltage, Power and Resistance
Exercise 8 Emf and Internal Resistance
Exercise 9 Capacitance
Exercise 10 Electrons at Work

Higher Physics Homework
Unit 3 Particles & Waves


 Advanced Higher Physics Homework

Advanced Higher Physics Learning Outcomes

Advanced Higher Physics Summary Notes