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Message from the Headteacher – Access to Online Learning

Dear Parent/Carer,
I hope that everyone in the family is keeping well and that you enjoyed a relaxing weekend.
I have now received some information from Midlothian Council with regards to support for families to access technology to support online learning at home.  The Digital Leaning Team have put together a resource for parents/carers that can be found by following the link below:
The portal also contains a form for parents/carers to request a loan of a Midlothian-owned device for the period of closure.  The collection arrangements for these devices will be communicated directly to families, although will be coordinated with Hub staff.
The team is also in discussions with internet providers regarding the loan/gifting of 4G hotspots to support those without internet access, but as yet they do not have a definitive solution to this issue.
I am aware that the technology that families have access to at home may be needed by more than one member of the family, or it may not have the software required to allow pupils to complete the tasks set by teachers, so please take advantage of this offer.  Pupil should contact teachers directly if they are having any difficulties completing tasks that have been set.  We will contact any families without access to technology by phone to let them know of the plans.
I will keep in touch as the week progresses.  I hope that all in our school community stay safe and well.
With best wishes,
Allyson Dobson

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