The School Day

School Day

The school has four ‘long days’ each with seven classes/periods and one ‘short’ day, a Friday with four classes/periods.

In each secondary school in Midlothian:

  • Classes begin at 8.40am, (Monday through Friday)
  • Classes will finish at 3.25pm, (Monday through Thursday)
  • On a Friday, classes in each secondary school will finish at 12.15pm

Break and Lunch

Dalkeith High School has a split break and lunch for the Broad General Education (S1-3) and Senior Phase (S4-S6) on a Monday – Thursday. On a Friday, S1 – S6 has the same break time, along with St David’s High School.

Structure of the school day:

Attendance and punctuality
Dalkeith High School attaches great importance to good attendance and timekeeping. Absence from school, whatever the cause, disrupts learning. We value the partnership and support we have with parents in meeting our high standards in attendance and punctuality.

Dalkeith High School operates an online period registration system. This means that your child’s arrival at school in the morning, and attendance at each class of the day is registered by your child’s class teachers.

Teaching and learning begins at 8.40 a.m.
Throughout the day your child should move quickly and efficiently between classes to minimise disruption to learning.

If your child arrives late for school:
– a parental note is required
– the note should be given to school office staff on arrival
– the lateness will be recorded online in your child’s records
If your child arrives late, but before 10 a.m., you will receive a text alerting you to the late arrival.