Learning & Teaching in Dalkeith High School


Presentation from Coursing Information Evening 9 Feb 2017: S2 into S3 Learning Pathways Coursing Evening presentation

Senior Course Choice Form: Senior Phase Option Form

S3 Course Choice Form: S3 Final Course Pathways Sheet


DHS Learning and Teaching & Assessment policy:
Download: DHS Learning, teaching and assessment policy 17-18

DHS Learner Qualities Audit 2016/17:
Download: Learner Qualities Audit February 2017

Learning Walks 2016: senior-leadership-team-learning-walk-october-2016

Learning Visits 2016: learning-visits-report-october-2016

Learning Visits proforma: Developed to take cognisance of Education Scotland’s HGIOS (How Good Is Our School?’) indicators, this demonstrates the key consideration that staff taken into account when participating in learning visits.
Download: learning-visit-proforma 2016

DHS Learning Visits may 2016: This document summarises the key findings from this session’s first tranche of learning visits and highlights next steps to build on existing good practice in learning and teaching.
Download: dhs-learning-visits-may-2016

Dalkeith High School’s Home Learning Policies:
Download: BGE Home learning policy 17-18
Download: Senior Phase Home learning policy 17-18