Learning & Teaching in Dalkeith High School


Presentation of S2 into S3 Coursing Information: S2-into-S3-Learning-Pathways-Coursing-presentation

S3 Personalisation & Choice: S2 into S3: S3 Learning Pathways booklet Feb 2018
S3 Course Option Form: Final S3 Course Pathways Sheet Feb 2018

Senior Phase Option Booklet: SeniorPhaseOptionBooklet Feb 2018
Senior Phase Option Form:Senior Phase Option Form Feb 2018


DHS Visible Learning Guide: Visible Learning Guide

DHS Learning, Teaching & Assessment policy:
Download: DHS-Learning-teaching-and-assessment-policy-18-19

DHS Learner Qualities Audit:
Download: Learner Qualities Audit February 2017

Learning Walks:
Senior Leadership Team Learning Walks May 2018
Learning Walks Template – May 18

Learning Visits proforma: Developed to take cognisance of Education Scotland’s HGIOS (How Good Is Our School?’) indicators, this demonstrates the key consideration that staff taken into account when participating in learning visits.

Learning Visits: Learning Visits Report October 2017   Learning Visits Report May 2017


Dalkeith High School’s Home Learning Policies:
Download: BGE Home learning policy 17-18
Download: Senior Phase Home learning policy 17-18