Update from the Headteacher – 7 April 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,
I hope that you have enjoyed the Easter break so far.  It is important that all of our pupils take a break to recharge the batteries before coming back for the start of the new term.
An announcement was made by the Scottish Government yesterday confirming that all pupils will return to in-school learning on a full-time basis on return from the Easter break.  For school in Midlothian, this means a full return for all pupils on Tuesday, 20th April.
A few reminders of important messages to get us off to a good start are noted below:
  • Pupils should remain in the playground until the start of period 1
  • Pupils should enter the building through the door closest to their period 1 class
  • Hands should be sanitised on entry to the building and into individual classrooms
  • Desks/chairs will be cleaned on entry to a classroom and before leaving
  • The one-way system for movement around the school will operate
  • Masks should be worn by all pupils at all times unless they are eating/drinking – this includes transport
  • Pupils will follow their normal timetables (re-issued prior to the start of the school holiday)
  • 2m social distancing measures will not be in place
  • School uniform should be worn except on days when pupils have PE on their timetables (changing rooms still not in use)
  • All food and drink for the day should be brought into school – water bottles can be refilled in classrooms that have sinks
  • All jotters, pencil cases, other equipment should be brought into school in a school bag
  • Mobile phone ‘bag or box’ policy will apply in classrooms
I am very pleased to be in the position of being able to welcome all of our pupils back full-time.  It has been a long and challenging year so far, but the full reopening of our school is a clear indication that we are moving in the right direction.
Thank you for you ongoing support.
Allyson Dobson

Update from the Headteacher – Thursday 1 April 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we reach the end of a very unusual term, I would like to reflect on our experiences as a school community.  Little did we know when we broke for the Christmas holidays that we would still be following a blended learning model at this point in the school session.  The efforts of all in our school community have been commendable: the staff who have successfully juggled online learning with in-school learning, whilst maintaining the highest professional standards; our pupils who have shown great resilience throughout an ever-changing and, at times, unsettling situation; and our families who trust us to do our very best for our young people.

I know that we may face further challenges on our return to school as we continue to chart our way through the remainder of the session, but I am confident that we will face those challenges with our usual determination and positivity.  We have come so far on our journey and we will complete the journey together as a strong school community.

School will reopen on Tuesday, 20th April and we anticipate that this will be a return to full-time, in-school learning for all.  This will be confirmed by the Scottish Government on Tuesday, 6th April.  I will contact you during the holiday period if there are any changes to arrangements that you need to know about.  The updated risk assessment will be sent out by email by Mr Knight to inform you of the risk mitigation factors that will be in place.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you a very relaxing break.

With very best wishes,

Allyson Dobson

SDS webinar for parents/carers of pupils in S4-S6

Following a very successful recent webinar, SDS is hosting another webinar for parents of pupils in S4-S6 who are planning to leave school this year. It is running on Thursday 22 April, 6:30-7:15pm and will cover the SDS support available to these young people and how to help them make decisions. 
Find out more and sign up


Mercedes Benz apprenticeships

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Joinery Apprenticeship

We are recruiting a new Apprentice Joiner!

IDH is looking for an Apprentice Joiner to join our team. You will be working mainly on Luxury extensions and new build homes.

Your Working hours are Monday – Thursday 8 – 4.30 & Friday 8-3.30 in Edinburgh & the Lothian’s.

At IDH we deliver a high quality service and are a growing company, so we are looking for someone with high standards and the drive to succeed in life. You will be pushed to become better.

This role is not for someone who is just looking for a ‘Job’

Please send in your CV and cover letter to info@i-d-h.co.uk to apply for this apprenticeship

All applications must be in be 31.03.21

Update from the Headteacher – Friday 26 March 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

As the second week of blended learning for all of our pupils comes to an end, I am pleased to report that pupils are continuing to enjoy being back in the building and reconnecting with their friends, teachers and in-school learning.  Next week will see us operate the same patterns of attendance for in-school learning as we have done in the past two weeks.

Please see below the weekly newsletter to keep you up to date with other news.

Download: Friday, 26th March

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Allyson Dobson

Routine Ready Initiative – Survey for Parents/Carers

Consultation with Parent Council Chairs/Parent Representatives – March 2021


A small group of practitioners from Education and partners have met to discuss the challenges parents/carers face which can have a negative impact on attendance in school or engagement in learning.


We highlighted the following and would like to know if you have any other challenges you feel should be added to these:


  • Establishing and maintaining routines in the home
  • Parent/carer health – physical and mental (sometimes undiagnosed)
  • Alcohol or drug misuse
  • Lack of IT Skills – hampering home learning
  • Financial challenges – impacting on clothing, food, learning resources
  • Transport costs if children are further away from school they attend
  • Domestic violence


We feel strongly that helping families with routines at home would positively impact on some of the above challenges, including mental and physical health.  So we’d like to do the following:


  • A poster campaign around being ‘Routine Ready’ (taking message away from just ‘attendance’ and putting spotlight on routines).
  • Linked to this would be a parent/carer leaflet giving information about importance of routine, ideas/strategies for doing this well at home, the difference in routines for weekdays/weekends, in school/home school learning; positive impact (research based) on mental and physical health of children and adults.
  • Helpline numbers for getting support with any of the other challenges listed above that might be impacting on their attendance/engagement.
  • A competition to design a logo for the routine ready campaign which will outline a learning task that will be shared with teachers across the authority. This will introduce the idea of routines to the children and help them to create a logo to represent the initiative.
  • The posters and parents leaflets will be made available widely, including, for example, doctors’ surgeries.
  • There will be a Routine Reward Chart for children to use daily and gain rewards (we will give suggestions to parents around kinds of rewards to offer).
  • We will also use social media platforms to promote the initiative as widely as possible and this may include creating voice overs/videos made by parents/people in our communities.


What do you think?  Could you let us know your feedback by completing this short (5 question) survey using the following link by 31 March 2021.