English Homework & Revision

Revision Links:

www.bbc.co.uk/education has resources suitable for all levels from S1 to N4, N5 and Higher
www.sparknotes.com has some useful literature resources for N5, H and AH pupils.
www.literatureguides.philipallan.co.uk will let you see a range of guide for purchase. May be useful for N5, H and AH pupil.

BGE (S1-S3) Resources

S1-S3 Language 1
S1-S3 Language 2

Ms Howie’s S2 Class:

The Truman show

Ms Howie’s S3 Class:

Cinderella blank storyboard
Cinderella questions
Cinderella text


Ms Douglas-Higher Class:

Homework Booklet with Answers – for self study

Ms Douglas-Nat 5 Class:


Aunt Julia by Norman-MacCaig





1. The Test – Short Story Text

2. The Test – Revision

3. The Test – Revision Analysis Grids

4. The Test – Writing a Critial Essay

5. The Test – Revision Example Essay

6. The Test – Revision Example Essays

BBC Bitesize MacCaig revision material https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zrphvcw

The Learning Cauldron https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9iSk2aLmTV-V_ScWHssuwA

Revision links for National 5 Carol Anne Duffy poetry:

War Photographer – https://genius.com/6503085

Mrs Midas – https://genius.com/10179598

Havisham – https://genius.com/4045374

Anne Hathaway – https://genius.com/4729015

Valentine – https://genius.com/4873532

Originally – https://genius.com/3137098